Thursday, February 25, 2010

No sew easiest cutest pin cushion pin display in 3 minutes

This is the easiest cutest little no sew pin cushion, pin display, mini hidden sewing kit ever.

It will take you three minutes.


Shoulder pads from a jacket or dress you haven't worn in ions.
Small silverplated creamer, sugar bowl, or other opaque container.
Stack them on top of each other.
Take two sides and fold them to meet. 
Then do the other two to form a pouf.
Stuff it into your selected container. Hiding all the ugly stiches. 
You may have to play with this a bit to remove some folds so it sits nicely.

Ta da!
Now you have a really cute pin cushion.
You can even hide a mini sewing kit under the stuffing
along with all those buttons you keep meaning to sew back on.
Or my favorite using as a place to display vintage pins.
This really helps when I'm trying to find just the right one
for those re-fashioning and fabric flower projects.

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