Friday, April 9, 2010

Antique hand mirror and estate sale finds

Right next door to my office was an estate sale sign.  The amount of cars peaked my curiosity.
Here are some photos of a few things I found.

Some salt and pepper shakers, a little salt cellar and old silver plate. 
In the back is an old collapsing silver plated cup.  It doesn't hold
closed when collapsed but it is still fun to use for display.

An old wood box with inside sections.  The closure is broken
yet easily fixed.  I was thinking of removing the lid and making a little treasures 
display like many do with the old typography trays.

Any other suggestions out there?

A very old hand mirror with a face partly covered

It is some type of metal; not silver plate
You can see where I tried to start cleaning it.


Some damage to the glass

Very interesting workmanship.

Here's to you finding great treasures this weekend.