Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweet felted birds nests by Tapestries of Nature

I don't remember how I found Judith's blog Tapestries of Nature but,  these sweet little wool felted bird's nests caught my attention on her post Pillows and Spring stuff.   For some reason I was so taken by these little darlings I wrote a note asking about them.

Judith was very kind and did a custom listing in her Etsy shop
where she showcases her creations.

I purchased two.  One for me, and one for my mother.

All I did was nestle these little birds I had in the branches.

They add the sweetest little touch of Spring to the room.
Perfect for an Easter decoration.

I also have my eye on one of Judith's pillows when I figure out
a plan for our guest room.

You can find her Etsy shop by clicking  here

The fine but required print.  This is not a paid advertisement or endorsement.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vintage lace, threads, buttons and wooden sewing spool finds

Vintage lace and threads seem to be what I am finding these days..

 Soft pink lace
I haven't completely unraveled the card this was on some areas have some discoloration.  It's still lovely.

Some of these buttons look like Bakelite.

Crochet thread in really nice shade of blue. The outside threads are dirty; inner threads look fine.

 Six wooden thread spools, small pieces of lace and wool darning threads.

Nine yards of scalloped lace; some discoloration.  It's quite delicate

More wood spools, old Watson's sewing needles made in England and piece of cork with a painted face pin cushion.

I have no idea what kind of thread the large golden ones are.  The white ball could be some sort of silk.   The small pink ones are on cardboard bobbins called a "Star Bobbin" style"L"with a patent number listed  made by the American Thread Co.  

Always, a favorite find.  An old oak sewing drawer.  This one has a nice design on one side.

Even with some discolored places this is my favorite lace find.  It has ribbon running through it.

 This Paris, France made embroidery thread box is very cool looking.  I think it would look really neat in a frame.  It's a great blue color which is hard to see because there is some waxed type paper covering it.

I'm going to try to list these in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested. I'm a bit overloaded too keep everything.

Happy Spring

It's really Spring in the Northeast!  This little lovely opened the day after the official start of Spring.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Vintage silverplated flatware garden markers

This old silverplate was an incompleted windchime project. 

Originally, I was going to stamp the flatware with our names or with whimisical and inspirational sayings.  Then I thought it would be really cute and different to add some more embellishment(s) but, never got around to it.

My freind asked what are you doing with this box of junk.  Well, if your not making windchimes with sayings why don't you make place card holders out of them?  Good idea, then I happened to see some done up as garden markers.  So here they are in all their cute tarnished, hammered, stamped, shabby glory.

I love the first spoon stamped with "basil"
This set below of soup and serving spoons is available in my Etsy shop

I have to take more photos of the other sets and share them with you.  I have so many ideas and uses for these things my head is spinning! 

I think these are really fun and hope you do too. 

Thanks for stopping by Dumpster Decorators

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vintage shoe and fur clip rhinestone finds

Vintage rhinestone pins pretty much capture my attention.  I have never seen a matching set of shoe clips and fur clips sometimes known as dress clips before. 

The seller thought these were from a military uniform. Some research
research revealed a matching set like this is a quite a find.  Lucky me!

This isn't quite vintage but I loved the openwork design.
The clasp is broken but, it still makes a nice decoration.

Vintage plastic clutch with lace between the layers still had remnants of it's original price tag.

What did you find this week?